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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Vacation Planned!

Well I've got my vacation request put in at work and so I will definately be going out west this summer. I will be driving and Jordan and my stepdaughter Courtney will be coming with me. I'm hoping Courtney gets her license by then so she can help with the driving. It's going to be a quick trip and I have alot of people to fit in to see. Here is my tentative itenerary:

7/14—Home to Gillette, WY = 658 miles 9 hours and 17 min

7/15—Gillette to dad’s = 755 miles approx 10 hours and 30 min.

7/16—Dad’s during day. Go to Grandma King’s in evening = 175 miles approx. 2 hours 50 min

7/17—Grandma King’s until 5pm drive to Bremerton = 263 miles approx. 4 hours 15 min.

7/18—Seattle—take ferry over to waterfront and Pike Street


7/20—Drive back to Spokane (stop in Fox Island and see Tammy)= 355 miles approx. 5 hours and 40 min

7/21—Ali's Wedding

7/22—Spokane and Dad’s (visit with Renee)

7/23—Dad’s to Gillette, WY = 755 miles approx 10 hours and 30 min.

7/24—Gillette to home = 658 miles approx 9 hours and 17 min

I hope these dates work for everyone else. If not I will have to do some adjusting, but hey it's several months away so I still have time to make changes.

I have accumulated 3 paid days off so far so I'm hoping to have the other 5 days accumulated by then. I would have had more but I took too much paid time off in Nov. and Dec. :)


Granny said...

So glad that you're going to be able to get to Washington this year. You deserve a break, especially when you work so hard. Plus, I know it's going to mean a lot to grandma. Glad to help, sweetie.
love you!

Tammy Nicks said...

Hello Laura,, I am so Happy that you are able to come to Washington this Summer. I am very excited to see you and Jordan, Maybe we could get together with Shannon?? The pictures of Jordan are just Amazing, she if so Beautiful, just like her Mama, I think I have some of you at that age that look exactly like her, I can't beleive how much she looks like you,,, and you talk about Attitude?? I remember a little girl about that age with "Attitude" Do You????? She sure turned into a beautiful young woman. I am so proud of you Laura...I hope all of your training went well and your job is getting easier!!! Yes we have a new baby girl in our house, well she comes home from the hospital today.. She was born 1/30/07, 7 lbs, 18 1/4" and just perfect.. Grandpa Dirk and I were in with Amy when she was born. Her name is De'Lane Marie,, we probably will call her "Laney". Brooke's middle name was De'Lane, So it pretty special to me... I really love your blog,,,, and I really love you Too.. Tammy

Anonymous said...

YO! Where is the visit with Dina?
Kylee would love to see you RARA.
ME too. where can you fit us in? Love ya D.