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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Training for new position

My training is going good for the OJT position at Marriott. However it is VERY fast paced. I've asked my trainer for copies of her PowerPoint because I'm a visual learner and I can't get everything written down while she's presenting. There are 3 parts to this training. The first part is learning the Regional Desk. Which are 148 hotels in the Midwest area that we act as the "In House Reservations" for. Normally the training for the regional desk is 2 weeks. We are cramming it into 3 days (see what I mean by fast paced). Thursday we start our Platinum Desk training (the elite of Marriott who stay 75+ night per year). This training is normally 3 weeks we are going to learn it in 7 days. Then the remainder of our training will be the actual OJT training, where we will learn how to give the new associates constructive criticism, grade their monitorings and stuff like that. We have practice sheets and tests to take along the way. We also have to go out with the current OJT's and monitor our own calls and grade them and compare them to what the OJT says. I think I will be fine if I get those copies of the PowerPoint I've asked for. There are 2 people in our class who are already trained for regional desk and one who is already trained platinum so that leaves me and my friend Alyssa in the dark. We will get through it though.


Anonymous said...

You will make it well Laura. According to your husband you are very smart. Wish I had half of your brains. I would never make it. I don't grasp things easy. I am wondering how my son is. Haven't heard from him for several days. How is Jordan? Does she still like the little pets? Did she spend her $12.00 on them

Jenny, Rick, and Marcus said...

What does OJT stand for? Sounds rough, that is pretty quick training, hope you make it through ok.Hope you get those powerpoint papers!

Jenny, Rick, and Marcus said...

You know, I realized I haven't seen you since Pete & Leigh's wedding. 2002 or 2003? Time flys by so fast. I am looking forward to seeing you. Oh, I will look for some pics for the scrap album, but don't think I can help much.