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Thursday, January 4, 2007

I failed!

I failed to complete my cleaning for today. I got Jordan's room clean. Here are the after pictures:
However I did not get the vacuuming done, BUT I do have a good excuse. I was coming down the stairs with my laundry and I somehow twisted my foot and landed right on the top of my left foot. Let me tell you when 200+ pounds lands on one area it HURTS! It hurt so bad I couldn't breath. I heard cracking as I came down on it. I don't think it's broke though. Just bruised and very sore. My baby girl was a real trouper. She got me my cell phone to call Jim and got me an ice pack to put on it. She even brought me a pillow and blanket out of her room. After about 10 minutes I was able to crawl to the couch to get it elevated. I layed there and rested it for almost an hour. Had to take the ice off after a short time though because I think the ice was hurting more than the pain from the fall. It really hurts to walk. If it's still this sore tomorrow I may go in and get it checked out. For tonight though I need to go to bed. Got off work late and now need to get a little sleep before Parker and Erica get here at 6 am.

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Gigi Lynn said...

Oh, Laura, how awful!! How does it feel now? Were you able to sleep through that pain? I hope that you didn't break it!