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Saturday, October 18, 2008

A scare!

Well Jordan gave me a scare yesterday. I take my 1/2 hour break from work from 3-3:30 to walk the 8 blocks down and get Jordan from school then walk back. Well yesterday on the way to school she told me she wanted to start walking home instead of waiting for me at the school. She gets out at 3 so she had to wait for me to get down there. It takes me about 11 minutes to walk down there. I told her she could walk 1 BLOCK to the big tree, by the stop sign at the busy street. I didn't want her crossing the 4 lane street by herself (even though there is a crossing light). Well I'm walking down there, it's one street straight up, and I don't see her at the big tree, I don't see her outside the school either. I'm getting mad because I only have a half hour to get down there and get back to work. I start to go around the school to the main office entrance and my cell phone starts ringing. It's not a number I recognize so I ignore it. They leave a voicemail so I listen to it and it's a lady saying "Laura, this is Michelle, I'm at the corner of Grant and Military and there's a little girl, Jordan, out here crying. Can you please call me back." HOLY CRAP!!! Grant and Military is 4 blocks north of where she's supposed to be. I call the lady back and I'm frantic by now. She says Jordan is standing outside her car and is very upset. I tell her I'm on my way up there. By the time I walk the 4 blocks I'm crying. I thank the lady profusely. Luckily this is a small town where people are friendly. If we would have been in Omaha I doubt anyone would have stopped for her. The little boy in the car said he recognized Jordan from school. The lady told me she was sitting on the sidewalk curled up crying saying she was supposed to meet me by the big tree at the stop sign but there's no big tree there. There was a stop sign but it's 4 blocks in the wrong direction! UGGH! My poor child gets so turned around. I thought she would be able to walk one block, straight up the street we've been walking on all week but no that's not going to happen. So I told her we are back to me meeting her AT SCHOOL by the parking lot for a while longer. I'm just so thankful that she remembered my cell phone number. I had to call my boss and tell her I was going to be late getting back. I got back 12 minutes late but she let it go this time.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Just for fun

Just for fun I dug out all of Jordie's pics from Vala's for the last 6 years. The only one I don't have a picture of her in front of the sign was from 2002 but she was only 7 months old and so she wasn't really standing yet.

Vala's Pumpkin Patch 2008 visit

We had our annual trip to Vala's pumpkin patch tonight. We had a good time even though we dind't get to do everything. We skipped the hay rack ride because the wait was over an hour long. UGGH. We got there late (we went after Jim got home from work) and got to tired to see everything. Here are a few pictures though.

The annual picture if front of the "how tall this fall" sign

Riding on Cherokee

Waiting for the Pig-Tuckey pig races to start


This is right where she belonged today with her attitude :)

Farmer Jordan

In the petting zoo

They have a new 5 acre corn maze. We got lost in it! It was dark, they have some lights and loud music playing. We kept seeing where people had gotten off the trail and made their own trails through the corn. After about a half hour of wondering around we understood why they did it and ended up following some other couple and their kids to get out of the stupid place!

Kid for sale! Goin cheap today :)

A pumpkin amounst the pumpkins!

Pictures from our trip back to Nebraska

Ms. Brooks (student teacher) Jordan and Mrs. Julien on her last day of school at Betty Kiefer

My nieces Emily and Teresa with Jordan at my friend Dina's stuffed animal store

Me and my friend Dina

This is how packed our car was on the drive home.

It reminded me of something out of a movie :)

Riley was not happy to have Simba sleeping on him but it was too cute not to take a picture

Jordan took this picture of Tid Bit riding in the back seat

Simba decided to get up on the dash and play with the leash while I was driving

Riley, Simba and Jordan playing around in the tent on our first night camping

Simba fell asleep with his back legs on my shoulder and his front paws up on the back of my seat. It was too funny. He slept like that for almost an hour.

Back in Nebraska and Online!

Let me tell you after having dial up Internet all summer and then having no Internet for 3 weeks, I was in heaven last night when our cable got connected. We are getting settled into our house in Fremont. It needs alot of work but we are making it "home". Jordan starts school Monday. It's a year-round school and they were on a break when we first moved back here. It's about 8 blocks from our house but straight down the street so it will be an easy walk for her. I have an interview on Monday with the daycare that's right across the street from our house. It would be so convenient to not have to drive or walk anywhere to work. The weather is starting to cool down so Jim won't be able to ride his motorcycle much longer and will have to use the car to get to and from work in Omaha. I will post some pictures on here later of our camping adventures and about our drive back out here. Just wanted to post a quick hello and let everyone know we made it. I had over 400 email messages to go through since I was without internet for 3 weeks :) For those of you who have emailed me I will get back with you as soon as I can. Gotta run to Walmart right now and get some things.