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Monday, January 22, 2007


I'm so frustrated with the Picture People right now. They are supposed to upload pictures to their smilestore so you can order more if you want and so you can share them with others. Well I got Jordan's pictures done on Sat. and Sun. they still weren't uploaded so I called them. They said it may be 24 hours before they get loaded. I just checked again today and they are STILL not loaded. I called the store again and all I got was "we will check into it and get back to you. " If I remember right this happened last year when I got her pictures done too. I'm not sure what the problem is with my account.

I didn't get any snow pictures taken yesterday. Some of the snow melted off today but we still have quite a bit. We have a chance of more snow on Wednesday. I get to sleep in a little bit on Wed. because I won't have Parker and Erica. My old neighbor, Bobbi's dad passed away on Sat. and his funeral is on Wednesday. Bobbi really wants me to be there and I don't want to haul 3 kids there with me so I told Jeanne I couldn't watch her kids Wednesday.

That's about it from snowy Nebraska for today.


Anonymous said...

I love the pictures. Can I order one somewhere for me? Gramma Diane I will pay of course I like the one of her leaning on her elbow. I like them all but that is the one I would like. a 5x7 I think Let me know what it will cost and I will send money

Granny said...

Hey be sure to let me know when I can get a picture. I want to order a 5x7 because I'm going to do a wall with all the grandkids in that size. Also....do I get one of the wallets? :-)

Grandma butterfly