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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Snowed In!

I had planned to go to church this morning but we got 6 inches of snow overnight! My first plan for the day now is to get the manual out for the snowblower and get the driveway cleared. Jim worked an extra shift last night so he's been at work all night. He's working his normal 7:30-3:30 shift now and will be home this afternoon but he won't be able to get in the driveway unless I get it clear out. I'm working 3 extra hours tonight so I've got to get my car cleaned off too.

I need to get my bird and squirrel feeders filled too. There's a little squirrel out there now (I have a good view from the window my computer is next to) that is going from feeder to feeder looking for food. I should have refilled them last night.

I got Jordan's pictures done last night at the Picture People. As soon as they get them uploaded to their site I will post a link. They turned out GREAT! Of course I had to control myself and only get the ones I had the coupon for. I got one free 10 X 13 and then I used my portrait club card to get another sheet of wallets free and to get $10 off so I was able to get some Valentine's cards and another sheet of wallets for only $2.09.

Well I've got to quit procrastinating now and trudge out to the garage to get the manual for the snowblower and figure out how to run it. I will post pictures of the snow later today.

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