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Monday, July 28, 2008

New Haircut for Riley

We took Ri to the groomers today. He's been spending alot of time in the field and in the woods since he got here to my dads. Well his fur has suffered for it. He had all kinds of stickers in his fur clear down to his skin. So he got a lion cut today. My dad's dogs didn't recognize him when we got back and ran up to him and started smelling him. It was so funny. I think he looks like an overgrown chihuahua now. :)

Strutting his stuff

Posing for the camera

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Puppies eating food

We gave the puppies softened food today and they LOVED it! It was quite a mess in the pen after they ate. Here are a few pics.
This is what it looked like after we took out the 3 paper plates we put their food on. What a mess!

Isn't that little girl a cutie! (the puppy I mean--well Jordan too)

Grandpa's puppy
Mom came in and they decided they needed dessert. Isn't it cute how their ears are flapping back?
They like to play and fight now
Wandering in the grass after eatting dinner

Monday, July 21, 2008

Jordan and I took the puppies out in the yard today for the first time. They weren't real sure what to think of the grass and immediately started whining.

Jordan and I counted today and there are 5 females and 3 males. Dad started counting the night they were born but then gave up :)

The little black and white male on the left is the one my dad wants to keep. All of the brown and white ones are girls.

They are used to being all nice and cozy in the old swimming pool in the garage

The bunny is named!

The bunny's new name is Tid Bit

I got Jordan a basket at the dollar store to carry him around in. (By the way that's yellow gum in her mouth--her teeth are not that yellow!)

Happy 85th Birthday Grandma King!

Today was my grandma's 85th birthday. We had Dairy Queen ice cream cake before me and Jordan moved back up to dad's.

Grandma didn't want her picture taken because her hair was a mess. :)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Long overdue update

So much to catch up on, where to start? Things have been so crazy lately.

Jordan had a seizure on June 29th. They did a CT scan at the emergency room but didn’t find anything so they referred us to a pediatrician. She had an EEG done that showed she has abnormal peaks in the left side of her brain so she is a good candidate for repeat seizures. They put her on Tegratol to control the seizures. She still has to have an MRI done to make sure there’s nothing else abnormal in her brain.

Jordan also had to have her yearly check up for her bladder reflux. The VCUG test is NO FUN for her. She was a real trooper though and we will have the results back this week. Hopefully the reflux is a lot better and she won’t have to be on the low dose antibiotics any longer to prevent bladder infections.

We came up to my dad’s for the 4th of July. Jordan had a great time with all her cousins and her aunts Kiki (Crystal) and Angie. We had a potluck here and then did fireworks that Crystal and Matt and their friends Cheri and Rock brought up. The next night me, dad and Jordan stood out near his field and watched as the neighbor down the road let off some huge fireworks. Dad’s dog had babies. He has 8 English Pointer/English Setter puppies. They were born on Jun. 30th and Jordan had a great time cuddling with them.

Lilly with her puppies

The cousins on 4th of July: Teresa, Emily, Ariel and Jordan

Things didn’t work out in the Tri-Cites so Jordan and I moved back up to my dad’s in Rathdrum, ID on Friday. We are both in heaven now! We love the woods and the animals. I got Jordan a bunny yesterday. It’s a Dwarf Netherland. He is so cute! She is really enjoying having a pet of her own. She is also still in love with my dad’s puppies. Their eyes are open now and they are moving around more. Dad got 9 quail and 4 chuckers yesterday to add to the 5 guineas and 2 banty chickens he already had. Jordan says this really is a farm now.

Lovin the yet unnamed bunny

I’m going out tomorrow to find a job. I had put some apps. in online before I left the Tri-Cities and I will be following up on those too. I will try to update this more often now. I still only have dial up internet which is a pain but I’m learning to deal with it.