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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Brownies Hay Ride

Jordan's girl scout troup had their hay ride and hot dog roast tonight. They kids all had a eat time. It was at one of the leader's parents-in-law's farm.

She liked the tire swing

And the tire horse

Courtney had to try it out too.

Up on top of the playground equiptment
Everyone roasting hotdogs and getting settled in for dinner
It was really toasty near the fire.
The lady next to me lives a few blocks from us (I don't know her name) and her little girl catches the bus with Jordie.
Jordan, her friend Mia from her class and one of the older brownies
I brought a chair for her too but she wanted to sit on the ground near Mia
Ready for the hay ride
Sorry so dark. My camera was on the wrong setting and by the time I got it figured out the kids were doing their silly pictures
They always do one serious pic and then one silly pic when they do group shots
Pic with brothers and sisters sitting with the brownies
We had gone to a Halloween "safe night" at the police department this afternoon and that's where she got her face painted
Waiting patiently for the ride to start
Tayla--the little girl that catches the bus with Jordie

Jordan and Tayla cozied up with Tayla's mom

My mom's first reading!

My mom had the first reading of her book last night at Zanzibar's in Des Moines. Jordan and I drove over and surprised her. She did a GREAT job!

My stepdad Norm made these wooden panels to put all the pictures of the women in

Thanking her mentor Deb

Reading Cassandra's story

Very proud of herself! And rightfully so.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Kindergarten Field Trip

Jordan's class took a field trip to a local farm to pick out pumpkins. The kids loved running around in the field. Alot of the pumpkins had been eatten by the deer in the area. Jordan and her buddy Hailea followed deer "moof"prints all over the field and even found deer poop! :) They had a great time. Here's a few pics.

Jordan and Hailee looking for the right pumpkin

Jordan with her friends Kevin, Nicholas and Luke

I told them to say "Pumpkin Pie!"

There were wild turkeys in the field when we first got there but they quickly moved away when 35 kindergarten and first graders came piling out of the cars. :) These were some other ones we saw when we were driving back to the school.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Goodbye to our Assistant Pastor

Today was a very sad day at Benson Baptist Church. The assistant pastor, Jason Workman, who has been there for 8 years had to resign because of family issues he is having. It was very sad because he and his family have been such great friends to us. I had to type up what I wanted to say when they let everyone come up to speak. I knew I would loose it and wouldn't know what to say. Here is what I typed up and TRIED to read. It was very hard and I cried after the first few words and kept trying to pull myself together.

It's no secret that the Leland's and the Workman's have been good friends for a number of years.

Where do I begin? How do you thank someone who has done so much for your family? You were there for us when Victoria needed you, you have been there for us with all of the issues with James and more recently you have been there for Courtney. You’ve been there through all of Jim’s surgeries. Even with all of your own personal issues lately you have still found and taken the time to call me just to see how we are doing. You will never know how much I appreciate that.

It’s more than just your ministry to us that I appreciate. It’s your sincere friendship. I will always remember our fun Thanksgivings, Christmases and Easters together, as well as our wild and crazy 4th of Julys. I look forward to many more fantastic holidays with you.

Kelli, I want to wish you luck with your education and in whatever you decide to do.

Amanda, I want to wish you, Aaron and the baby the best of luck for the future.

Steven, keep up the football practice and always follow the Lord

Kayla, you have been one of Jordan’s best buddies. Keep a smile on your face and always follow the Lord.

Jason, I can’t begin to thank you enough for all you have done for me and my family. I wish you the best of luck in your future with the all your endeavors. You have been a great friend for a number of years. I hope you always remember you are welcome at our home anytime. I will keep in touch with you my friend.

There was a potluck after church for the family. James even came down to attend with us. I'm sure we will keep in touch with Jason. As far as Kelli and the kids I'm not sure. Kelli is taking some classes right now and has plans for when she is done that unfortunately don't include Jason. I wish them all the best of luck.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Girls Scouts

This morning before school.

Jordan had her induction into Brownies today. She technically is supposed to be a Daisy but there were only 3 kindergartners that signed up so they just let them into the Brownie group. They will just have an extra year in Brownies. I missed the ceremony of her getting her pin today. I was about 10 minutes late getting there but I got pictures afterwards.

Getting her celebratory cookie

What a cutie pie

The whole Brownie Troop 5655

The silly picture of the troop

Monday, October 1, 2007

Annual Trip to Vala's Pumpkin Patch

We took our annual trip to Vala's pumpkin patch on Monday. It was Girl Scouts day and since Jordie is in scouts this year we got half price admission! All of the pictures can be found at

Vala's Welcome Sign

The girls in the pumpkin pile

Jordie loves the ponies

Out in the pumpkin patch

Mommy and Jordie

Courtney and Daddy
Daddy and the girls waiting for the pigtucky derby

Jordan and Courtney--I love this pic

Courtney wanted to see how tall she was

Jordie has grown about a half a foot since last yr.