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Friday, January 26, 2007


My training is going good so far. We will finish the Platinum training tonight. We started taking the test for it last night but I have 2 questions to finish up and then we have phone time for the rest of the night taking Platinum calls. Platinum members scare me :) They want you to treat them so much different from the "regular" people. We have 2 more weeks of training and then we will be thrown to the wolves LOL. There is a new hire class going on right now and another one starting on Monday so they will probably be on their phone times 2 or3 when we get out on the floor. There are 7 phone times over all for all the new hires. The first one is 2 hours, phone times 2-5 are 5 hours, and phone times 6 and 7 are 8 hours long.

All we have gone over so far is learning the other two desks (Regional and Platinum), we haven't gone into the actual OJT stuff and how to monitor the trainees ect. That will be the next two weeks of our training class.

My friend Alyssa is doing better. For now she is staying with her husband but we will see if she changes her mind again.

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