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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

No Internet

Well I've said it before but this time it's coming true. As of Monday we will no longer have internet. I can still access internet at work but will not have access to my cox account so you will need to send me things at my hotmail or yahoo accounts. If you don't have those e-mail addresses send me a message and I will get it to you. I'm not sure when we will have internet again. We are going through so really tough financial times right now. For those of you who send me messages on MySpace I can not access MySpace at work. They have it blocked so you will need to use one of my other email addresses. If you are on more than one of my contact lists with my different emails you will recieve this message more than once.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


My baby girl started kindergarten today. She was so excited. Here's a few pictures:

OK excuse the underwear shot :) She insisted on taking the bear with her in the truck but left him in her booster seat until school was out.

Such a sweet face!

Showing off her backpack

Ponca's mascot is a raccoon since there are so many raccoons in the area

They had french toast for breakfast. She couldn't believe they got to choose between chocolate, strawberry or white milk.

Waiting in line after breakfast to go to class

At her seat

After school when I picked her up I asked her what she did today and she said "so many things I can't tell you all mom." When I pushed her for more info. she said "my neck hurts from talking about it so much." :)

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

God is good yet again!

Money is so tight right now. We were almost at our max for our overdraft protection and I wasn't sure what we would do to get us through until the 16th when I got paid again but yesterday one of Jim's friends from work gave him $400!!!! He said "I know things are tight right now with your surgery and we are both Christians so I want you to have this." I can't believe it. What a blessing.

Then today I get an e-mail at work saying someone (I'm sure it was my friend Alyssa) nominated us for the back to school backpack drive so I will getting school supplies and a backpack for Jordie. That means I can take back what I had already bought and have a little extra money for some groceries.

God is so good!

Thursday, August 2, 2007


Life has been so crazy lately. Jim went back to the hospital on Sunday because he had blisters all over his incision on his neck. They determined that he had an allergic reaction to the glue they used. He developed an infection so they kept him overnight and gave him antibiotics through an IV and then released him Mon. with a prescription for more antibiotics. He is doing better. He started walking yesterday. We went down to the school that's about 2 blocks from home and he walked around their track. Today he went around the track twice. He is feeling better. He has a appointment tomorrow with his surgeon's assistant to check his incisions. He says he's ready to go back to work on Monday on light duty. We will have to see what the dr. says. I'm taking Courtney home on Sat. She has to get registered for school and get settled back home after being in Oklahoma City for a month with her friend. She was supposed to fly in Tues. night but missed connections and had to spend the night in Milwaukee. What a fiasco but she finally made it here Wed. morning and her luggage got here Wed. night. James left Wed. morning. Jordan has really been acting out lately I think because she senses all the changes going on. She's getting excited to go to my mom's for a few days on the 15th though and has been marking the days off on the calendar. My mom and my sister Shannon and nephew Parker will pick her up on the 15th and I will take the train over on Sat. and come back with her on Sun. Her school has a back to school night on the 20th and then school starts on the 22nd. I'm going to use my savings to get her a few school supplies and maybe a new outfit or two. I will have $80 in my account after he next pay day. We are having a MAJOR yard sale in two weeks and hopefully will get a good chunk of money off that.