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Monday, February 18, 2008

Update on Jim

Jim is still in alot of pain. He had called his dr. on Fri. and they told him to up the oxycodone to every 4 hours instead of every 6. That is not working though. He has a post operative appointment with his regular physician on Tues. but we may have to call them today to see if there's anything else they can do. He is getting up and walking around some. He is feeling pretty discouraged though because he's not bouncing back from this surgery as fast as his others. I keep reminding him that this surgery was alot different than the others. They had to peel back his muscles, insert rods and "fake" bone. This is why they told him to expect to be out of work of 2 months. He wants to rebound back quickly like the other surgeries. Please pray that his pain eases up and that he will realize he needs to take his time with this one. I don't want him to rush back to work and injure himself.


Anonymous said...

I am truly touched by all of your outpouring of God's Holy Spirit-or for those of you not so inclined, your kindness.

Thank you so much.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the update on Jimmy. I have been Praying all the time. Is Jordan doing better? Diane