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Thursday, February 14, 2008

On my own now

My mom left this morning on the train. I hated to see her go. She was a big help the last few days. My freezer is stocked with burritos and potatoes and ham casserol. And my pantry full of soup makin stuff. We should be set for dinners for the next several days.

Jim is doing better. He made several "laps" around the house today. He always hurts bad afterwards but it's good for him to get up and moving.

Jordie is coming down with something. She was running a slight fever tonight and has had a cough for a couple of days. I may keep her home from school tomorrow. They are out at 1:00 tomorrow anyway.

Happy Valentines day everyone!

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Anonymous said...

I Pray all the time for Jimmy and glad he is improving and will Pray for Jordie. I hope he doesn't catch anything from her. I'm glad your mom was here and able to help you. Diane