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Monday, February 11, 2008

Another Update

They put Jim back on the oxygen last night but let him take it off today when he woke up. They took the drain out of his back also. He is still in ALOT of pain and they can't seem to get that under control. They are alterinating morfine and pain pills every 2 hours. They did an xray to see if any bones got cracked and that might be why he was in such pain but the xrays came out fine. The nurse said tonight that when the dr. comes in tomorrow they are going to talk to him about a different pain management plan. He can't sit, lay or walk for any length of time because he is in such pain. He has to wear his back brace whenever he isn't laying flat on his back. I have a feeling this is going to be a very long recovery. Jim was hoping to be out of the hospital after 4 days but that is NOT going to happen. I'm guessing he might be out by Thurs. or Fri. if they can get his pain under control.

My mom got in tonight to help me out for 3 days with Jordie. She has to leave early Thurs. morning because she has book commitments.

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Anonymous said...

Makes me so sad to see my son in that shape. Couldn't even stay very long I was so upset. I'd make a terrible nurse. I can't stand people in pain