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Sunday, May 13, 2007


I went to Scrapmania tonight at Archivers. It's so relaxing there. I got a few things done. There's always things to scrapbook. It seems my pile of projects just keeps growing. I need to get my count of how many scrapbook pages I've completed updated one of these days too. I'll have to go back and count what I've done. Hopefully in June I will meet my mom in Des Moines for another scrapbooking weekend at the Residence Inn.

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Granny said...

Yes! "Let's do it! Let's pick the date for our scrapbook weekend in June. When does JD get out of school? Becky isn't coming down this year as they are driving out for Gails's mother's memorial. I haven't heard from Annie, but guessing they aren't coming either so June is wide open for me. You pick a date and let me know....oh, I guess I better check on the Blues thing in Chicago that Norm wants to go to though :-) I think its the second weekend.

Mom/Gramma Butter'fly

PS - Cute pix of you 'girls'. Please send me the password so I can order.