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Friday, May 18, 2007

Jordan's pre-k pictures

I cheated and took pictures of the pictures since our scanner is broken. These are not the best quality but at least you can see them.


Ellana said...

She DOES look grown up on the pictures!!! How does it make you feel?
My mil took a picture of Ethan recently, where he has such a grown up look in his eyes. My step-mother said his facial expression was as if he were eighteen. The boys also like to dig up the worms and bring them into the house to show me. lol

Granny said...

Yes, she's looking like a 'big girl' now. It sort of makes me sad....slow down little girl, slow down! Gramma isn't ready for you to get big yet! :-) Looking forward to our Scrap/Swim Fest!
Gramma Butterfly