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Friday, May 18, 2007

My little girl is growing up

I got Jordan's Pre-K class picture and individual pictures back yesterday. My little girl looks so grown up in them. Our scranner is broken or I would scan and upload them here. Jordan is anxiously awaiting next week. It's the last week of school and the Pre-K class has 4 field trips planned! She gets to ride the school bus for two of them. Monday they are going to Neale Woods, it's a nature conservatory here. I wish I could go with her on this one but extra children are not allowed and I don't have anyone to watch Parker and Erica for me. Tuesday they are going to the local library. Parker, Erica and I will meet them there. Wednesday is the family trip to the zoo. We are all meeting at the zoo at 10:00 to spend the day there. Thursday is the family picnic at a local park. Again we are meeting there at 10:00 and spending as much time as we want. Friday is the Pre-K graduation. I'm trying to find someone to a watch Erica and Parker for me that day because I'm fearful that they will be loud and obnoxious during the celebration.

Jordan is looking forward to this summer. I've told her we will do all kinds of fun things together. She can't wait until the second week of June when we don't have Parker and Erica anymore. Parker has REALLY become a handful and mean. Jordan is really having a hard time putting up with him lately. She keeps telling me she doesn't want Parker here anymore. I just keep reasuring her it will only be for a little longer. Jordan will be taking several classes at the zoo this summer. My mom sent her money for her birthday for classes. I just need to get her signed up for them. I think she is taking 4 or 5 classes. We absolutely love our zoo and spend alot of time there each summer. If we ever move away from here we will really miss it.

It's starting to warm up here and I need to get out to my backyard gardens and get them weeded. I noticed yesterday that they are getting really bad. Jordan has been having a great time digging up worms. She has all the older neighbor kids looking for worms for her too. She is such a nature freak like me. Although I don't like worms :) We got some more bird food last week and we are having a great time watching the birds come to the feeders in the backyard. Jordan can now identify some of the birds too. It's so cute to watch her eyes light up and say "There's a house finch mom." or "There's the daddy cardinal." Of course we have several squirrels we feed too and it's fun to watch there antics. We really need to live in the woods where we can enjoy more nature.

That's about all for an update from us.

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