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Thursday, May 10, 2007

School Decisions

I'm still spending every waking moment researching homeschooling. But today I found out that Jordan got into the small school I had requested for her for next year. So now I'm in a dilema over what to do. I have researched this school and really liked it. There's only one class for each grade level and only 150 kids in the whole school (the school that is our "neighborhood" school has 650 kids!). Jordan's pre-K teacher says that Ponca school is really good. She used to teach there a few years ago. She said it's nice little "country school". Now I'm thinking that I may send her there and just do all the volunteering I can with her class. I will need to talk to Jim about it tonight when he gets home. here's a link to the schools site. http://www.ops.org/elementary/ponca/HOME/tabid/36/Default.aspx


Gigi Lynn said...

Decisions, decisions! Good luck making yours!

As for us, the more that I read, and the more that David and Adam ask to be homeschooled, too, the more that I actually consider pulling them out of public school! We really need to make that decision very soon, because I can't even imagine all that I will have to do to prepare to teach not only kindergarten but also 7th and 10th grades all at one time!

Granny said...

Great news! I know you were getting excited about homeschooing, but now you've got two good alternatives! the 'little school' might work best while you're having to work so many hours. Maybe sometime down the road you can cut back on working and reconsider homeschool. It's all good sweetie. There isn't a right or wrong answer here. Good luck with your decision making!