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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Kindergarten Girl

My baby is officially a kindergartener now. Her class had their PreK celebration on Friday. They sang songs for us. It was so cute. Here are some pictures, although I'm disappointed that they turned out grainy.
Haley, Jordan, Andrew and Kamrynn. No she wasn't picking her nose. She was scratching her mosquito bite on her cheek
Ashten, Carissa, Alexis, Haley, Jordan, Andrew, Kamrynn, Tessa, Joshua, and Kamian singing "skidamarink"
I don't know why these turned out so grainy. My camera usually take such good pictures. I must have had some setting off or something

All the parents with their kids eating snacks and looking at the folders Ms. Jo gave out with their certificates and some of their work in them.
Jordan's seat-mate Carissa

She has love in her eyes for Ashten. Did I post on here about how she told me that back in Jan or Feb? It was so funny. One day out of the blue she says "mama I love Ashten." I said "Oh yeah?" and she says "yeah, when I look at him I have love in my eyes." LOL! I couldn't believe she said that! I have no idea where she heard it from

Jordan and Ms. Jo.


Gigi Lynn said...

Congratulations to you both! Wow -- is Jordan the tallest person in her class? And have you decided yet between homeschooling and the special school?

Laura said...

I think she probably was one of the tallest. We are going to send her to Ponca School.