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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Very disappointing day

I was sooooo very disappointed at the awards ceremony at Jordan's school today. They herded the kids through the awards like they were cattle. No time for pictures or anything. It was total chaos. I was the first parent there and there were chairs up near the front but I was told those were for the staff members and parents had to sit in the back at the lunch tables. Well before the program started only about 5 staff members sat in the chairs, the rest were filled in with parents. I was so mad because the zoom on my camera does not work well enough to get way up front. So the few pictures I did get didn't turn out that well. Jordan got her certificate for completing kindergarten and one for citizenship. I missed her getting her citizenship certificate because the kids were all just clustered up there waiting to get theirs. The principal just rattled off the names and the staff members handed out the certificates. Then for the picnic it turns out the girl that was supposed to ride with me rode with her grandpa instead so it was just me and Jordan in the car. When we got to the park Jordan only sat with me for about 3 minutes, took a few bites of her lunch said she was done and was off playing for the next 2 hours. It was a waste of my day. I could have been here packing and cleaning. Here's a few pics from the day though.
Before School
Enough pictures already mom. Let's just go to school
Waiting for the program to start. (see how grainy my camera gets when I have to zoom in)
The kindergarteners sang "There was an old woman who swallowed a lego." LOL
Getting her Kindergarten Certificate
After she got her citizenship certificate
At the park
Most of the kindergarteners played in the sand. That's Noah getting buried in the background
Looking at the cows in the farm below.


Anonymous said...

*eyes full of tears"


Gigi Lynn said...

I didn't realize before how tall she is! (And my camera takes even worse pictures zoomed in.)