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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Just about done!

Well I'm just about done with packing up what I can. I only have a few odds and ends in the living room, the stereo, my computer and printer and then my clothes to pack. I packed some of Jordan's clothes last night and left a weeks worth in her dresser. I started measuring the couch, the chair, the table and stuff last night and just don't think I'm going to be able to fit the entertainment center and the king bed in the truck. The truck dimensions are 15'3" long X 7'8" wide by 6'2" tall. I have about 25-30 boxes packed right now that need to go in the truck plus the furniture. It's going to be a very full!

I only have 4 more full nights at work and then Mon. night I'm only working 3 hours. My mom is coming over on Mon. and so is James. I've had some people flake out on my on the things I had posted on Craigslist and on Freecycle. I may just end up putting stuff on the curb and marking it "Free" and be done with it. I did that last week with a plastic bookshelf and an old dog kennel that was falling apart and they were gone quickly.


Anonymous said...

I'm Sorry i never got there before the move, the year has been really BAD and it's only May. Please be safe on the road to your dad's.

Love You All

Anonymous said...

Soon I am alone again, without you.

Tried so hard, to make you see...but I could not find the words.
Now the tears, they fall like rain..
...I'm alone again,

without you.