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Friday, May 16, 2008

Got a job! Almost for sure

Well I pretty much have the job at the Courtyard in Richland. I have to go in and interview with them as a "formality" but he told me I pretty much have the job. I'm going in to interview on the 4th of June. Sooooooo....as you can see we are moving 3 weeks sooner than planned! I have 12 days to get everything together--eeekk! My mom, Jordan and I are still taking our trip to Rapid City, SD on the 28th and then Jordan and I will just leave from there and drive out to my dad's to drop my moving truck stuff off and to drop off Kelly (one of our dogs). We will spend a couple days with my dad and then go down to grandma's on Tues. June 3rd. I'm very excited. I'm not sure what shift I will be working at the hotel so I'm going to see if my grandma or my aunts can watch Jordie until I have a schedule for sure and can get childcare arranged. Because I will busy for the next 12 days I may not post too much on here between now and then. It will be a while till I get internet set up at grandma's too. I haven't even talked to her about taking up a phone line for that. My aunt has a computer though and I can always go to the library so I will be checking in.
Just wanted to post my exciting news!

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