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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Surgery again

Everyone please be praying for my husband. He found out that he has to have another surgery on his upper spine. They are going to schedule it for July. Originally it was going to be the 3 week in July but that's when I'm gone so he called and left a message for the dr. asking for them to do it after the 24th. This also means I will be busting my butt with more hours to make up for the loss of his pay so pray for strength for me too. They always say to count on being out for 6 weeks. In the past he's been able to go back on light duty after 2 or 3 weeks and I hope that will happen this time too. I'm going to see if Courtney will come down here again to help him out too since I will be working all the time.


Granny said...

Sweetie. Don't forget that I will be back by July 14th to pick up Jordan and can keep her as long as needed. i know you have the school meeting to go to on the 20th, but just let me know how I can help. If coming 'training' over for her is a problem then don't worry about it. The ticket is good for one year and I can bring her home on the train whenever you want.

Laura said...

His surgery will be on July 26. You aren't picking Jordie up until the 15 of August. We will figure something out. Courtney may come back down to help Jim with Jordie.