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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

kindergarten appointment

Jordan had her kindergarten appointment yesterday. She was such a brave girl. She is 47 pounds and 47 1/2 inches tall! She had to get her finger pricked to check her lead levels and had to get 2 shots--she didn't even cry! I was so proud of her. She winced up and gave me a look like she was in a lot of pain but she didn't shed a tear. They also took her to test her hearing and vision. Her hearing and vision came out just fine. The nurse told her they were going to "play games" while they tested her. She thought it was great. She has an appointment the end of July to have her reflux in her bladder retested. Hopefully that has cleared up so she won't have to take the antibiotics everyday. She has her dentist appointment next Monday and then she will be set to start school.


Anonymous said...

If you are moving away why are you getting Jordan ready for school here

Anonymous said...

because the house has to sell, there's no garauntee it will before she starts, there is work to be done on the house before it goes to market, as Laura wote in previous blog posts.

Jordan will miss no school.


Laura said...

I'm not sure who left the first comment but no matter what school Jordan is at whether it is here or somewhere else she still has to have her physical and shots.