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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

God is good

3 good things happened after I had an emotional breakdown today:

1. I will have a phone again by Fri. or Sat. We were able to get another line with Jim's carrier service (AT&T) and we got the phone for $1. It will be here by Fri. and then I just need to activate it

2. Jim was able to sell Jordie's computer to a friend at work for $100 so we will have grocery and gas money to last until next pay day

3. I won a contest at work and got a $50 Walmart card! Yeah! I'm going to go to the walmart in Bellevue so I can get some sparklers (fireworks are illegal in Omaha) for Jordie for the 4th and get the things we need for our picnic with the Workmans.

Things are looking up and they can only get better right???

1 comment:

Granny said...

Be sure to let me know when your phone starts working and if you have any 'free times' of day.