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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Family day!

We had a great family day today. It's my only day off this week while Jim is here. We started out this morning with going to Hayden to the Triple Play, which is attatched to the hotel I work at. It's alot like Chuckie Cheeses, where you play games and earn tickets. I had a bunch of tickets and some token cards that people had left behind in their hotel rooms. If we find them after the people have checked out we get to keep them. Well between the 5 token cards I had there was almost $20 worth of tokens and about 400 tickets. Jordan had a great time playing games and winning more tickets and then she got to pick out prizes she wanted.

Jim playing the basket ball game

Jordan playing Deal or No Deal video game. She said no deal through the whole thing and ended up with her case having 15 tickets :)

Remind me never to ride in a car with Jordan. LOL. She's a maniac driver

Playing the spider smash game.

After TriplePlay we went and got lunch at McDonalds and then went to the Harley Davidson store in Coeur d'Alene so Jim could get a Coeur d'Alene Harley shirt. He also got Jordie one for school.
After The Harley store we drove for about an hour up to Sandpoint, ID. It's a cute little tourist town. We were going to go fishing at Lake Pend Oreille (pronounced pond-er-ray) but the man at Walmart sporting goods there told us the fishing would be better at Round Lake so we drove back about 15 minutes to Round Lake State Park. It is a very small lake and was really nice. Jim caught 4 blue gills and 2 small smallmouthed bass. He didn't keep any of them. They were way too small. The highlight of our time at the lake was when the eagle was flying overhead and then came down to the water to grab a fish. I got a picture of her just as she was lifting off the water. Then a seagull came down and did the same thing but it wasn't as neat as seeing the eagle do it.

Jim and Jordan ready to fish.

The happy fisherman

The first tiny smallmouth bass
The eagle way up in the sky
Getting closer
The eagle has landed (if you click on this picture and open it up in another window you can really see the fish at the end of his feet)

Now the seagull has his turn

Reeling in another....

While we were driving back home we saw a big eagle's nest on a power pole and also some white tailed deer. It was great to see the wildlife. We topped the night off with going out for Mexican food. My favorite! It was a wonderful day with my family.
Eagle in nest on way home

And another one that was on the other side of the road

Deer on the way home

Jim doesn't want to have to go back to Omaha on Sunday. He's going job hunting tomorrow and Fri. while I'm at work and Jordie is at daycare. Hopefully he will find something and be able to go back to Omaha and give notice.


Gigi Lynn said...

Oh, Laura, it's good to hear something from you, and hear about your family day. I hope that Jim finds a job, sells the house, moves, and that you all live happily ever after!

Nancy said...

Sounds like you had a great day! Good luck to Jim in the job search. It will be good when you are all together again.


Anonymous said...

Yes, it will be good to be together again. This is something no one should have to endure, but thanks to Nietsche for his bit of insane wisdom, "...what doesn't kill me, only makes me stronger."