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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Fond Memories

I've had some fond memories the past couple weeks living here. Jordan has been enjoying playing in the field with the dogs. That's what my sisters and I used to do all the time. We would run through the field and play "Little House on the Prairie". You know the beginning of the old Little House shows where Mary, Laura and Carrie were running down the hill. Watching my daughter run and frolic in the field has brought those memories back.

She also had a ball at the old Rathdrum City Park and playing in the same creek my sisters and I used to play in. My little sister,Crystal, claims we tried to downed her there although I don't remember any such thing.


Anonymous said...

We truly are living in separate worlds. I am glad, even fulfilled that you and Jordan are happy.


Nancy said...

Jordan looks so happy! I'm glad that you're getting to see old friends and have some fun. I know that you've been pretty stressed over the job search, but hang in there. I'm certain that something good will come along soon. It's never fun when you're pout there looking and can cause a lot of stress, but it will all work out.

love you bunches,


Anonymous said...

Friend of Jimmy's frome soberrecovery, could you send me his blog, would like to see how he's doin. Thanks Rarly