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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Overdue update

I know I haven't posted an update for a while and people have been asking.

Jordan and I are pretty much over our coughs and flu. My voice still gets hoarse at night (doesn't make it too easy when I work at night and have to talk to do my work) but I'm drinking lots of water at work to try and get over it.

After an additional 2 weeks off work and 2 different rounds of antibiotics Jim is finally on the mend. He will go back to work on Mon. part time. We went to his back dr. on Thurs and got AMAZING good news. His back is healing wonderfully. When Jim bent over to tie his shoe his dr. was very impressed. His dr. had this same surgery and said it was 4 months before he could bend down to tie his shoes.

Jordan's birthday is coming up and she is very excited to be turning 6. She is going to have a Littlest Pet Shop themed birthday party. She loves LPS. Today we are going to a Girl Scouts outing at a riding stable. Each girl will learn about horse care and be able to ride on a horse. They are working toward earning their animal patches.

I have been busy trying to get this house cleaned up and started packing things. Jordan and I will be moving out to Washington the middle or end of June. Jim will stay behind and sell this house. We are actually hoping to put the house up on the market in April. We have alot of deep cleaning to do before we put it up though. Jordan and I will be staying with my Grandma King until Jim moves out. Grandma is so excited to have Jordie there!

That's about it from this neck of the woods for now. I've got to get ready to take Jordan to the horse stable. Will post more again soon.

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