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Monday, March 3, 2008

My little hypochondriac

Jordan's teacher called me today after school and said Jordan hurt her foot in P.E. class today. They were doing jump roping and she had fallen on it. Her teacher looked at it but it was not red or swollen. She said Jordan told her about it around 2:20 today but then didn't say anything more about it until it was time to get on the bus at 3:45. Then Jordan started crying like crazy and saying it hurt. I went up to the bus stop with the car to get her and she was saying it hurt her really bad. I told her we would go to the dr. and get it checked out. She started crying about that too and said she didn't want to go to the dr. I had to go to Jim's dr. office to pick up his prescription and Jordan wouldn't walk in. I had to carry her. Then we had to run to the store to get milk and she wouldn't walk at the store either. I had her stand on the end of the cart and she rode around that way. I called Jim and told him since I was in the area I was just going to run her over to Children's hospital to get it check out. She wouldn't stand on it at all when we got there either. After getting x-rays and being there for 2 1/2 hours we were told it was not broken but probably bruised real bad. They gave her a hard sole shoe to wear and as soon as that was on she seemed better. As soon as we got home she started walking on it even better. GRR! So I spent 2 1/2 hours of my time and who knows how much money for nothing. I'm sure the foot is sore but not as extreme as she was making it out to. Here's a pic of her with her "special shoe". She's very proud of it. I gave her tylenol and had her elevate the foot tonight when she went to bed. The dr. said to use ice if it started to swell at all.


Ellana said...

I hope her foot is better!!! What a little drama queen!!! :)

Gigi Lynn said...

Time for a new update, Laura! What all is going on with y'all these days? How is Jim's back feeling? What's the latest with everyone? Your public awaits!