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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Jordan's 6th birthday party

We had Jordan's birthday party today. It was a Littlest Petshop theme. She had a great time. She had 3 kids from her school and my friend Alyssa's 4 kids come. We colored Littlest Petshop pictures, played "musical lillypads (like musical chairs), pin the bow on the puppy and Littlest Petshop Go Fish. The kids had mini corn dogs, tater tots and carrot sticks for lunch and then chocolate cake and chocolate chip ice cream before they went home. Everyone got to take a Littlest Petshop toy home plus their goodie bags and a Littlest Petshop poster to color. I was very discouraged because one little girl stayed longer than the rest and when I looked in her goodie bag there was 4 Littlest Petshop toys plus a few accessories in there. Each child was told they could have one toy. She claims she didn't put them in there but I don't know. I took them out and gave her the one she had chosen from the box when I passed them out. Jordan and I were playing with her Littlest Petshops tonight and we noticed a few are missing. I'm hoping that they turn up somewhere and that same little girl didn't pocket them.

Tayla, Jordan, Noelle, Annabelle and Mia coloring while lunch finishes up

Listening to the kids sing Happy Birthday to her

One of her new Littlest Petshop T-shirts

My friend Alyssa made her this dress and headband. After she put it on she didn't want to take it off at all. She wore it for a few hours before bed and then told me she could sleep in it since she didn't wear it all day :) I didn't let her sleep in it though, I told her she could wear it tomorrow.
Her #6 bunny from daddy. He gets her a new bunny every year

Jordan and I counted tonight and she now has 82 Littlest Petshop characters!

The rest of the birthday pictures can be seen here: http://www.kodakgallery.com/BrowsePhotos.jsp?&collid=59978105905.200157133605.1206854308031&UV=489069375593_552077133605&UV=489069375593_552077133605

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