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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Moving Plans and Reservations Made

Well I have made all our reservations for our trip out to Washington this summer. The first night (June 21)we will spend in Kennebec, SD which is only about 5 hours from here but Jim will ride his motorcycle up there and spend the night with us in the tipi. We will have a nice day and night together at the KOA campground before Jordan and I head out. We will be spending our second night in Sheridan, WY at another KOA in a cabin and then on to Missoula, MT for the 3rd night. We will be at my dad's on the 24th and spend a day or two there before going on down to grandma's. We are taking Kelly one of our pomeranians out there with us. My dad is going to dog sit for us until Jim moves out and we get an apartment. I got to thinking that there is no way we are going to be able to have 3 dogs and two adults in the U-haul when we do move stuff out so I asked dad to keep one of the dogs for me.

Now I just need to focus on getting things packed up and getting the house ready for the market. We need to paint the extra bedroom and Jordan's room (it's purple and has a blue ceiling with clouds on it--don't think that will sell well). We also need to repaint a wall in the livingroom where the plumber had to cut a huge whole to fix a pipe a couple years ago. I went to two grocery stores this morning to get more boxes but one didn't have any and the other one only had 3. Guess it was the wrong day to go look.

The weather is warming up so that means I need to get the outside stuff cleaned up too. There's alot of leaves that fell after the yard waste recycling was done for the fall that will now have to bagged up and saved for when the recycling starts again this spring. We have a couple of big limbs that fell out of the trees this winter that need to be cut up to go out with the yard waste recycling too.

Ok, I'm rambling because I'm tired. I have the night off so I suppose I should get some sleep. Will post again soon.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, things are really coming together. I wish I could spend time with you guys before you leave.