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Monday, January 14, 2008

Update on Seattle Job

I haven't posted an update because I was worried about negative comments from someone, but people have been asking so I will update this. I am flying out to Seattle on Feb. 4th, interviewing and taking assessment tests on the 5th and flying back on the 6th. I will know by the 8th if I have the job for sure or not. I will say that I got my plane ticket with money I have raised by working OVERTIME, a bonus I got for a good sales month and Christmas money I had left. I spent NO money out of our general account for this. I will be staying with my sister so I will have no hotel expense while I'm there. I'm pretty confident I will get the job. I'm starting to go through our things and pack some stuff up in boxes. Jordan and I will be driving out but just taking clothes and some of her toys. We'll move everything else out after the house sells. My grandma is getting excited for us to move out there. She's telling everyone she will be watching Ms. Jordan. Which she won't be doing full time but she's excited about us living with her for a while. Jordan is excited to be near her cousin Parker. That's about it for now. Please keep me in your prayers for this job!

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Gigi Lynn said...

I've been praying, and I'm soooo excited for you! Of course you're going to get the job!!