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Monday, January 21, 2008

Plan Z

Well we are up to plan Z. I'm going to call the lady from Princess tomorrow and decline the interview. I need to call Northwest Airlines to get my trip cancelled. It turns out Jim's surgery is scheduled for the day I was supposed to fly out. I can't very well leave him here and move out there being the only income for the 1 1/2-2 months he will be off of work. So we have decided to just stay here for now and get this house ready to go on the market by March hopefully and then Jordie and I will head out to Washington the end of May or early June. My mom wants to take Jordan to Storybook Island in Rapid City, SD the week after Memorial day when school is out so Jordan and I may just go out there with my mom and leave from there to go out to Washington. We are also looking at the Tri-Cities area of Washington. Which is where I originally was looking at but Jim wanted the Seattle area. My mom talked to him this weekend though and now has him convinced that the Tri-Cities area maybe the best for us. :)
I will start looking for work out there in the next month or so. For the next month and half to two months I will be working all the overtime I can since Jim will be off work and we still have child support and bills to pay. Please pray I have the strength to work alot.

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Anonymous said...

Please Keep us updated on the move, and when u are leaving... dont worry about negative stuff i love to hear whats going on in ur life since we dont have time to talk on the phone..