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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Possible Job

Jim and were talking on Wed. night and decided to start looking for work in Washington. We both want to get out of Nebraska. We are tired of the cold and snow so we decided to concentrate our search on western Washington. I happened to go online to the seattletimes.com Wed. night. There I found a PERFECT job! It's for Princess Cruise Lines (the same cruise line we went on) in their reservation center in Seattle. I would be doing the same thing I do now for Marriott but it would be for cruises instead of hotel rooms. I filled out their online app. I got an email on Thurs. evening with a questionnaire to answer. Then they called me Fri. evening and said they wanted to do a phone interview this Wed.! Wow, this has just moved along so fast. So be praying I pass the phone interview and they want to hire me. Jordan and I would go out the end of Feb. because the training starts the first week of March. We can stay with my grandma in Bremerton until Jim sells this house and we find a place to live. I'm really getting excited about this but don't want to get my hopes up to high yet.


Nancy said...

Of course they'll hire you! Who wuld do a better job than you?!?1 Good luck with the interview on Wednesday sweetie. Knock their socks off. :-)


Ellana said...

Good luck with the interview, Laura!!! What will Jim do, though? What kind of job will he look for?
Also, isn't Seattle as cold as where you are?

Gigi Lynn said...

Praying for you here, but I don't think that it's even necessary. Start packing your bags!