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Saturday, July 14, 2007

What's a vacation without excitement right?

Well Jim dropped us off at the west Omaha bus stop around 7:50am on Thurs. The bus was late though so we didn't leave until around 10:25. We made up time though and got to Denver on time. We were scheduled for a 3 hour and 25 minute layover there but ended up being 5 hours and 25 minutes. The bus we were supposed to get on had broken down twice on it's way to Denver. When the driver got there we finally got loaded up and left Denver around 12:45am. One guy didn't have a seat so after about 30 minutes I put Jordan on my lap and let him sit in her seat. We stopped in Cheyenne, WY and got a new bus. It took about 30 minutes to switch all our luggage from the bus we were on to the new one.

We left Cheyenne around 3:00am. Well around 4:30 the bus pulled over on the side of the road and there was smoke all over and it stunk! The transmission had blown out! UGGH! The poor bus driver. This was the 3rd bus to break down on him in one day and to top it all of it was supposed to be his day off and he had gotten called in to work. Anyway, the bus driver and few other guys on the bus went to the back to check out the transmission but nothing they did worked so we unloaded the bus and all wondered around a wheat field and construction site where they were putting in a new road until around 6:30 when another bus came to get us. The only problem was this bus already had 12 people on it! So now we were really overpacked. They thought they could fit 72 people into a bus with 47 seats. HMMMMM... you do the math there. 2 guys gave up right away and started hitch hiking. They got picked up before the other bus came. Then 3 more decided they weren't going to try to squish in the new bus so they were still sitting out there hitch hiking when we left on the new bus around 7:00am. We stopped in a town about 10 miles away to get on yet another bus.
We rode on this bus into Casper, WY and the driver was done at that point. We got a new driver in Casper that wasn't worth a crap. She never announce the stops or anything. We only had her for a short time and then we stopped in Sheridan, WY (I think). At this point the bus was out of toilet paper and I asked the driver if she had anymore. She said no but I could ask the other bus driver that was getting on. WHAT??? What kind of company drives hundreds of mile and doesn't carry extra toilet paper on the bus? The new driver got on and said he was running short on his hours and the only way he wouldn't go over is if we drove straight through to Billings without stopping. I asked him if he had any extra TP. He said no so I said "Well can you wait here for a second while I run in that gas station and buy some because we can't go 4 hours with out any toilet paper on this bus." He said Yeah, I guess if you want to. DUH! The lady in the gas station was really nice though and just gave me an extra hole she had in the bathroom instead of me having to buy any.
After we got on the road he informed us we wouldn't be to Billings until around 2:30pm or 3:00 pm. He said the busses going west would not wait but we could catch the next bus that left at 1:00 am! Oh my gosh I was fuming at this point. I was thinking to myself what the heck am I going to do at the Billings, MT bus stop for 10 hours. Anyway, as we were pulling off the interstate into Billings the driver told us they did hold the busses for us. Thank God!
It took them about 20 minutes to switch our luggage and then we boarded the bus. I didn't think anything could get worse than it was but I was wrong! This bus absolutely reaked! I don't know when the last time they had dumped the toilet. We were about 5 rows up from the back and it was so bad. I really felt bad for the people right in the back. The lady wouldn't do anything about it either. We stopped in Butte around 7:15pm for our dinner break and to get some fresh air. We left Butte gagging on the smell on the bus.
We stopped in St. Regis, MT to switch drivers and for a 30 minute break. The new driver was really nice. He opened the top hatch to let the smell out and also went in the store and got an ionizer to take more of the smell out.
We got into Coeur d'Alene, ID around 1:15 this morning. My dad and my nephew Robbie were there to get us. We thought it was hot back home but it's over 100 degrees here and my dad doesn't have AC. It may be a long week without any air. My grandma King is coming here in about a half hour. I'm not sure how many days she will stay. We are going out tonight for my sister Crystal's 25th birthday. I will be going to visit Renee and Dina later this week.
That's about it for now. Just wanted to let everyone know we got here safe. It was an adventure though. I'm hoping the trip home will be less eventful.


Gigi Lynn said...

I took a bus ride like that one time and swore that no one would ever get me on another bus as long as I lived. That was 25 years ago, and I've never boarded another one since.

We're headed to Sandy Cove tomorrow, and I thank God that I'm not having to ride a bus to get there. :)

Hugs, Gigi

Ellana said...

Oh, Laura,
So sorry to hear about your terrible "adventure"!!!! I am sure Jordan was exhausted from all this "excitement". I also hope that your ride home will be less eventfull!!!

Gigi Lynn said...

How did the rest of your trip go? Did you make it home alright? Our vacation was waaaay too short, and after only five days back at home, I'm ready for another. I might even be ready for a permanent vacation. Ahhhhh.

Love, Gigi