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Thursday, July 5, 2007

Hope you had a great 4th!

We had a pretty relaxed day. Jim and Jordie had gone to the city fireworks Tues. night. I had got $5 worth of small fireworks for Jordie--just some sparklers, poppers and 3 small fountains. Jordan played with the neighbor kids almost all day. They played ball, swam in her wading pool and just ran around. I spent alot of the day doing more homeschool research. We had BBQ hamburgers, pasta salad, corn on the cob and watermelon for dinner. Then the oldest neighbor girl watched Jordie for us while we went on a motorcycle ride with her parents. We were gone for about an hour. It was a nice ride. We went up in the Ponca Hills and then down to Dodge Park to the river. There were a bunch of deer up in a field in the Ponca Hills. They didn't even seem afraid of the noisy motorcycles. Later after it got dark Jordan joined the neighbor kids in their yard to watch the different fire works going on around the neighborhood. Fireworks are supposed to be illegal in Omaha but they don't really enforce that. There were some HUGE fireworks set off last night around here. I finally made Jordan come in at 10:30 but there were still lots of fireworks going on and she would not go to sleep until around12;30. She stayed in her room though. I didn't go to sleep until around 2:00 so Jordie and I both slept in until 10:00 today. I'm going to just take care of chores around the house today and tomorrow I will be running around paying bills. That's about it from this corner of the world.

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