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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

I'm gonna do it!

I've decided I am going to home school Jordan for sure now. If I totally screw it up I can send her to kindergarten at any time or just wait until next year. She is very excited about the thought of homeschooling. She knows her cousin Parker is home school and said she wants to be like him :) We are just going to take it real slow and learn together how to do this. I have a couple of workbooks and there is a load of information on the Internet. I'm going to try to keep her in one class a month at the zoo. She has really enjoyed the two classes she's been to this summer. I'm also checking into home school groups here in Omaha. I know they are out there. I just need to find them. So everyone please be in prayer that we can do this and things will go smoothly. Jordan is so stubborn about paper and pencil work. She could sit at a computer all day working on activities though. I've got to come to a compromise with her somehow.

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Gigi Lynn said...

Woo hoo! Welcome to the adventure that is homeschooling! Everyone keeps telling me that once we start, we will wonder why we ever considered anything else! May God bless us both, as we seek to please Him in raising these precious children for His glory!

Hugs to you both,
Gigi & Calista