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Sunday, July 8, 2007

I'm getting geared up for homeschool. I stopped at Dollar Tree on my way to work today and picked up 11 workbooks. Some people on my homeschool email lists were saying they had put out their back to school stuff. They had a lot more workbooks I could have picked up but I controlled myself. There is a dollar tree near my dad's too so I may stop in there and see if they have any different. These were mostly letters, numbers and some early phonics. I have two other big work books for her to go through also. We have been working on a worksheet a day for this summer but after our trip we will really start getting into it. I'm hoping she will be more cooperative than she's been lately though. It's been almost impossible to get her to do anything lately.


Gigi Lynn said...

So exactly what were you researching? I'm curious since you aren't ending up buying a specific curriculum.

Laura said...

I have looked at just about anything and everything. You were right when you told me there is just about everything you would need on the web. I really haven't sat down and wrote out any lesson plans. I'm just going to play it by ear and use the workbooks I have. I know once she has her letters and numbers down there will be alot more we can do. Right now we need to work on the letters and numbers though before we can move on.