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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Snow in mid-April????

You never know about the weather in Nebraska! The western and central part of the state got up to 7 inches of snow this week. This picture is from North Platte. We got wet snow here in Omaha but nothing really stuck. It's supposed to get back up near 70 this coming week. I am so looking forward to moving to Washington. :)


Gigi Lynn said...

That is hilarious and not even unheard of here in Maryland. We didn't get snow today, but we did have to go to a soccer game in 45-degree weather today, after attending one yesterday in 73-degree weather. Shorts and sunburn one day, parkas and frostburn the next!

Ellana said...

ha-ha, love that picture!!!!!
I remember we got almost a foot of snow in May a couple of years ago. Hopefully, this is the last one from winter untill December!