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Monday, April 7, 2008

Productive weekend

James came down to visit this weekend. Jordan was so excited for him to be here. He helped Jim out alot while he was here. they got the car and the motorcycle washed and leaves cleaned up out of the driveway. I got leaves cleaned up out of the back yard. With what I had raked up last week and what we got done this weekend we have about 20 yard waste bags to go out with the trash this week. I have been going through all out file cabinets and paperwork and have so far shredded 3 bags of paper. I still have more to do though. I've taken 3 car loads of stuff to the thrift store to donate. We are slowly but surely getting ready to move. I've got a few boxes packed up too. We will be getting a storage unit before we put the house on the market so we can get some of the clutter out of here.

Jordan is on springbreak this week so I'm only working until 4 am instead of 6 so I can get a little sleep before she gets up each morning. We are planning to go to the zoo on Wed.

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Ellana said...

How is it going with moving?