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Monday, December 3, 2007

Can't we all just get along?????

After another heated argument last night Courtney has moved out. She's staying with some friends for now but is supposed to be going back up to Elk Point with her mom and getting into counseling again. For 10 years now I have tried to hold this family together and bring everyone to love each other again. I know now I can't do that and I am done trying. The kids can do what they want and Jim's parents can not speak to us if that's what they choose. All of them know our house is open to them whenever they want. But I'm not going to be the peace keeper and mediator anymore. I'm done. I can't let myself be so worked up and worn out with it anymore.


Gigi Lynn said...

If you ever do figure out the secret way to getting everyone to just get along, you really must share it with me. And if I do, I will share it with you.

Anonymous said...

I feel so bad that you have always been caught in the middle of all of this drama. I hope it gets better some day. I love you!

Anonymous said...

I would love for our family to all be on great terms. You obviously don't know all what your husband has done to me. I forgive him all of it but I no longer can stand him throwing the past in my face. I cannot change the past. He blames his bad childhood on me and throws things in my face that I haven't even done. It is his choice to keep this up. He justifies all the money he has got out of me and the lies he's told me for his bad childhood. He can't let go of it or forgive anyone for it so when he does let go of all of it I will come around. As far as you go Laura you have not even tried to mend things with me. You tell him things I have told you in confidence and it causes trouble. You don't care because you never have liked me or even tried to be friends with me. If it wasn't for me you wouldn't even have a car to drive. The only time you have thanked me for anything is when Jim got on you about it. Well none of the money I have given you over the years has helped anything. You still have declared bankrupsy and it has bankrupt me which you don't care. No one cares about me in this whole matter. It seems your whole concern is how you are injured in this matter. Your husband is the only one that can mend the breach between us and that is letting go of the past. You aren't in the middle at all and don't know where you got that idea. I sent my son a nice Thanksgiving card. He either has me blocked because it was not opened. I doubt if he even read it. He says I have made the choice not to come around. Well that is not true. How could anyone stand the stuff he throws in my face what a horrible mother I am. How I never came to any of his functions in highschool or gradeschool. I went to all of it. I have explained many times why I never left his dad but he is still hanging on the past. I am done defending myself for something I can't change so you see it is up to him. He is out to hurt me and he has over and over. Well I am sure you will erase this as soon as you read it.

Anonymous said...

Another little comment. If my son can afford this trip to Florida you should be paying me back some of the money you owe me. I said I wanted a hundred dollars a month for the rest of my life and that wouldn't even make a dent in the money you owe me but have not got a dime. This is all another attempt to hurt me. You know what my son said to me? He said sue me for it. Named me in the bankrupsy too as if I would ever sue him for it. I am a Christian and the Bible says we are not to sue another Christian. My son hates me and is just trying to hurt me for his sick revenge. When I gave the money to you guys over the years I never expected to get it back but now I have no money for retirement. I need it back but no you two have to go on your trips. Also hope you had a great time on your cruise after you sold my little red car. When Jim called me and said that you guys couldn't pay me the $50.00 a month for that car I said that you could have the car. Then you go on a cruise that even I could never afford Don't make it look like things are my fault in your blog. What in the world must your family and friends think after reading how you are sick of being in the middle. You have done nothing to mend this rift between my son and I

Anonymous said...

Feel better now? What a crock of fantastical crap. Don't you know that others have been involved with this and know what has happened too? It's like you you think you can just say anything because no one else really kows the truth. Phewww, you really need help and prayer. Funny thing is, you're the only one among us all that has never gotten any professional help whatsoever or admitted needing any. You are the only one well! I wonder how that has come about? Some special dispensation of the Lord? I doubt it. Quit badgering my wife and leaving this perverted tripe on her blog anonymously.

I can't afford to go to Florida, if it's any of your business, but I love my daughter and would walk there to there for her. Again, if it is any of your concern (and it's not), I paid 210$ in overdraft fees so that I could give Victoria away and come back home the next day. Good gosh, talk about someone hating, look in the mirror, for your own sake.


kell said...

I'm with you on the hole thing cant we all get along...Hope u have better days... U need to think about u and jum, and the kids not every one else i've come to that in the last month.
love kelly