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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Brownies Hay Ride

Jordan's girl scout troup had their hay ride and hot dog roast tonight. They kids all had a eat time. It was at one of the leader's parents-in-law's farm.

She liked the tire swing

And the tire horse

Courtney had to try it out too.

Up on top of the playground equiptment
Everyone roasting hotdogs and getting settled in for dinner
It was really toasty near the fire.
The lady next to me lives a few blocks from us (I don't know her name) and her little girl catches the bus with Jordie.
Jordan, her friend Mia from her class and one of the older brownies
I brought a chair for her too but she wanted to sit on the ground near Mia
Ready for the hay ride
Sorry so dark. My camera was on the wrong setting and by the time I got it figured out the kids were doing their silly pictures
They always do one serious pic and then one silly pic when they do group shots
Pic with brothers and sisters sitting with the brownies
We had gone to a Halloween "safe night" at the police department this afternoon and that's where she got her face painted
Waiting patiently for the ride to start
Tayla--the little girl that catches the bus with Jordie

Jordan and Tayla cozied up with Tayla's mom

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