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Monday, October 15, 2007

Goodbye to our Assistant Pastor

Today was a very sad day at Benson Baptist Church. The assistant pastor, Jason Workman, who has been there for 8 years had to resign because of family issues he is having. It was very sad because he and his family have been such great friends to us. I had to type up what I wanted to say when they let everyone come up to speak. I knew I would loose it and wouldn't know what to say. Here is what I typed up and TRIED to read. It was very hard and I cried after the first few words and kept trying to pull myself together.

It's no secret that the Leland's and the Workman's have been good friends for a number of years.

Where do I begin? How do you thank someone who has done so much for your family? You were there for us when Victoria needed you, you have been there for us with all of the issues with James and more recently you have been there for Courtney. You’ve been there through all of Jim’s surgeries. Even with all of your own personal issues lately you have still found and taken the time to call me just to see how we are doing. You will never know how much I appreciate that.

It’s more than just your ministry to us that I appreciate. It’s your sincere friendship. I will always remember our fun Thanksgivings, Christmases and Easters together, as well as our wild and crazy 4th of Julys. I look forward to many more fantastic holidays with you.

Kelli, I want to wish you luck with your education and in whatever you decide to do.

Amanda, I want to wish you, Aaron and the baby the best of luck for the future.

Steven, keep up the football practice and always follow the Lord

Kayla, you have been one of Jordan’s best buddies. Keep a smile on your face and always follow the Lord.

Jason, I can’t begin to thank you enough for all you have done for me and my family. I wish you the best of luck in your future with the all your endeavors. You have been a great friend for a number of years. I hope you always remember you are welcome at our home anytime. I will keep in touch with you my friend.

There was a potluck after church for the family. James even came down to attend with us. I'm sure we will keep in touch with Jason. As far as Kelli and the kids I'm not sure. Kelli is taking some classes right now and has plans for when she is done that unfortunately don't include Jason. I wish them all the best of luck.


Anonymous said...

As if we needed anything more to happen in our lives. But God knows what we can deal with and just how much and He will not give us morre than we can handle. I cried too Honey, in private, but I too cried. My thoughts are with Jason now, as he goes through perhaps the most difficult time of his life.


Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear this