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Monday, October 8, 2007

Girls Scouts

This morning before school.

Jordan had her induction into Brownies today. She technically is supposed to be a Daisy but there were only 3 kindergartners that signed up so they just let them into the Brownie group. They will just have an extra year in Brownies. I missed the ceremony of her getting her pin today. I was about 10 minutes late getting there but I got pictures afterwards.

Getting her celebratory cookie

What a cutie pie

The whole Brownie Troop 5655

The silly picture of the troop

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Gigi Lynn said...

How great! I have been debating whether or not to sign up Calista for our local homeschooling Daisy troop. If I weren't schooling David and Adam, too, I would have done it. I'm only one person, though, and the driving around was just more than I thought that I could handle. Maybe next year.