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Sunday, April 1, 2007

Jordan's birthday party

Last picture as a 4 year old

Jordan's birthday party was a success despite the horrible weather we had. We had a severe thunder storm come through just an hour and a half before her party and I was worried the kids minght not show up. Only 2 didn't show out of the 9 that RSVP'd. Jordan had a great time. The kids didn't really want to eat the hotdogs, jello, carrots and pretzels that I served for dinner. They all ate a few bites and then gave up. Jordan got lots of My Little Ponies and Littlest Pet Shop stuff. She was in seventh heaven. My mother sent her a Barbie with a dog. I don't know if my mom realized or not but this dog eats it's food pellets and the poops them out! The Barbie doll has a little pooper scooper that she is supposed to clean the poop up with. Jordan says it's her favorite toy. UGGH! She was telling everyone about it at church this morning :)

Carissa, Alexis and Ashten

Ashten, Theresa, Joshua, Michael and Jordan

Her new Barbie and dog that poops

The birthday girl!

Bunny number 5. Jim gets her a bunny each year for her birthday since she was born on Easter.

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