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Friday, March 23, 2007

Will my car ever be done?

For the last couple of days we've been getting the "hopefully tomorrow" story from our neighbor who is working on my car. I'm so tired of not having a vehicle. I think I have shin splints from walking to and from Jordan's school for the last two weeks. I know the walking is good for me but up and down hills pushing a stroller with two children in it is a killer. He told me today to plan on it being done by noon tomorrow. That doesn't do me much good though because Jim will be at work so we can't pick it up until 4:00 tomorrow. OH well, guess I'm stuck at home cleaning again all day :) I need to get deep cleaning done so the house is ready for Jordie's party next weekend anyway. I have to say I have failed miserably with my new years resolution to keep the house cleaner.

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Gigi Lynn said...

Well? Did your car get back to you yet? I hope so, and that you had a great weekend!