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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Birthday plannings

We are in the process of planning Jordan's 5th birthday party. I can't believe my baby is going to be 5 in 2 weeks! She has decided on a zoo theme for her party. We went to Nobbies and got a blow up tiger, giraffe, elephant and monkey that we will put around the livingroom and dining room. I got a parrot decoration that we will hang from a hook in the dining room. I got green streamers to make "vines" from the ceiling. I got color your own zoo hats to use as the party hats. The kids will decorate lunch bags with animal stickers for their goodie bags. I bought Zoo Pals plates, silverware and napkins. We are having the party from 4-6 so we will be serving dinner. We are having hotdogs, carrots sticks, jello jigglers cut in animal shapes and jungle punch (lemon lime pop and lime sherbert). For the games we are going to play giraffe stretch. We will take a jump rope and string pretzels on it and hold it a little bit above their heads and they have to stretch like a giraffe without using their hands to get the pretzels. We are also going to have a zoo parade and every child will get a mask that I got from Oriental Trading company. I have a zoo music CD that we will play while they march around in their masks. We will also play Lion, Lion, Hyena (instead of duck duck goose). I have animal shapes and beads to make necklaces with. Then after the presents we will have cupcakes and ice cream.

I have invited all of the kids from her class (11 total) plus Jacob, Danny and Micheal from our old daycare. I'm counting on not everyone coming because I only bought enough goodie bag stuff and hats for 12 kids. I didn't want anyone in her class to feel left out and that's why I decided to invite them all.

I hope everyone has fun and that kids do come. So far I've only heard back from one kid from her school and from Micheal.


Ellana said...

Oh, Laura, that sounds like sooooo much fun!!!!! I am sure she will love it!!!! Take lots of pictures!!! Ethan had a "Curious George" theme for his birthday. I can't believe he is 5!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is gramma Diane. What is your main email? I emailed you at the yahoo one but didn't get an answer. Do you still have the old email address? I will be coming to party. I am wondering if she still likes the little pets?

Gigi Lynn said...

Oh my gosh, what a fun party that will be! I'll bet you'll have a hard time fitting all of that into two hours, though, especially if you also want Jordan to open gifts while everyone's there.

I wish Calista and the rest of the "babies" from our Mar02 list could attend!

Love, Gigi

Anonymous said...

Hey the Party sounds like it'll be tons of fun! MacKenzie talked me into Chuck E Cheese for her b-day and since we were only doing a small family party b/c we were low on $$$ I figured what the heck and we went there. IT was crazy and we only had 4 kids INCLUDING MacKenzie at the party! I so hate that place LOL!
MacKenzie still brings up Jordan's party from last year and talks about her a lot! Sent me some pictures, I bet it's fun! Tell her Happy B-day from us! :)