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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

New bike

Helping daddy adjust the bike.

Jordan finally got to ride her new bike yesterday that she got for Christmas. It was so beautiful out that we spent about 3 hours outside. She rode her bike, colored with sidewalk chalk, blew bubbles and played in the back yard. It's supposed to be 77 degrees today so hopefully we will make it out after Parker and Erica's naps to play some more. Jordan may even take a nap today too. She was up late, woke up early and we had to walk to school today because my car is in the shop. Jim worked out a deal with our neighbor guy who has a car shop to get my car fixed. The only bad thing is he may have it all week so we will be walking to school each day. It's only 7/10 of a mile but it's up and down hills and pushing a double stroller on uneven sidewalks is not fun.She was so proud of herself.


jleland said...

That's Dad's big girl!

Gigi Lynn said...

Oh, what fun! Calista isn't big enough or strong enough to push along any type of little vehicle, so it's going to be a long time before she's ready for a big-girl bike like Jordan's! Thanks for the new pictures! Keep 'em coming! And the updates, too!

Hugs, Gigi

Ellana said...

HI, I also bought 2 bikes for boys, and they love riding them. Hope Jordan will enjoy it as much as they do!!!