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Sunday, June 15, 2008

More love of horses and Smores!

We went out to Aunt Patti and Uncle Paul's again tonight for dinner. We had BBQ hotdogs, pasta salad, baked beans and veggi tray. It was yummy (and I don't even really care for hotdogs). Uncle Paul made a fire after dinner and we had smores.

Patti was "babysitting" the neighbors dogs and horses so Parker and Jordan got to go down with her to feed them. Jordan was in heaven again.

Jordan and Parker petting Delilah
Delilah licking Jordan's skirt

Can you tell this girl loves horses?

A goodnight hug :)
Jordan and Parker ready for smores!

Uncle Larry, Uncle Paul and Aunt Patti relaxing after Smores.
Uncle Paul with his dog Sid, Shannon and Aunt Patti
This was one of the neighbor's dogs that Patti is watching. She really put up with the kids mauling her.
Aunt Nita and Grandma

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