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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A little update

Have I mentioned how much I hate dial up Internet??? This is so stinkin slow that it takes me over an hour to read my emails from my Mar02 mom's yahoo group each night. I hate it! Plus I have to fight with my grandma over the phone time during the day. It seems like as soon as I get on she has to make a call, even if I've asked her if I can use the computer. I'm only briefly checking in during the day now and doing most of my Internet time after she and Jordan go to bed.

Jordan and I did make it to the library today though and got library cards so now I can go there and check email too. I'm not sure what the library hours are though, I forgot to look :( so I may just get to go on Wed. when I'm off after my 3 weeks of training. Jordan got signed up for the summer reading program and checked out 3 library books today. She's very excited to be reading again. We brought a backpack FULL of books with us but it's much more exciting for her to go to the library and get some.

I have 5 more days of freedom and then I start working. I need to start working though my money has dwindled away.

We were at my cousin's (on my mom's side) graduation and graduation party this last weekend. They had mexican food at the party. I was so happy. I absolutely LOVE mexican food. There are alot of mexican places here in the Tri-Cities but I haven't had the $ to go out to them. I think when I get my first paycheck I will take my grandma and Jordan out to dinner. We went to my aunt and uncles (on my dad's side) for dinner on Sunday. My aunt Patti made a big spagetti dinner. It was delicious. She puts veggies in her spagetti sauce. My sister Shannon and nephew Parker are coming over this weekend to see us. We still need to get over to my Uncle Marc's so Jordan can see his horses. Maybe we will do that while Shannon is here.

That's about all the news from here. It's been unseasonable cold and rainy but I'm praying it gets nicer next week or Jordan (and grandma for that matter) will be going stir crazy in the house while I'm at work.


Nancy said...

Hang in there sweetie! Life will get better.


Gigi Lynn said...

Mexican is so easy to cook right at home! Spend your first paycheck on groceries to make SEVERAL Mexican meals, not just one big restaurant meal! Yum!