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Thursday, November 1, 2007


Another Halloween has come and gone. Jordan was Jasmine this year. We had a Jasmine costume left from daycare stuff. We just added a crown and some princess shoes. Her class had their party in the afternoon. All the kids got dressed up and went down to the gym. Each class got to go up on stage and then the kids got to walk up to the mic and say their name and what they were. My camera battery was on the fritz when they were up there so I didn't get any good pictures of that. Jordan was scared when she got up to the mic. One of her classmates (who is handful) had run up to the mic and roared in it because he was a dragon, all the kids started laughing and I think Jordie thought they were laughing at her because she was walking up to the mic. After the halloween parade in the gym all the kids went back to their classes for snacks and games. The PTA provided juice and cookies. The kids had brought in different snacks to hand out. The kids ate their cookies and juice and brought all the the other snacks home. We played hershey's kiss relay, the kids had to hold a plastic spoon (one for each kid--no sharing) in their mouth and carry a kiss from one side of the carpet to the other and drop it in a basket. Then they had to unwrap it as fast as they could, eat it and run back to the end of the line for the next person to go. The kids had a great time.

Last night we went to Benson Baptist Church for trunk or treat and then we went up to our old neighbors the Gollibits and went trick or treating with them. Jordan got tons of candy! I had bought 4 bags of candy to hand out here but Jim said there weren't any trick or treaters. After we got home I had 3 kids come by but that's it. Guess we'll have enough candy to last us for a while.

Jordan's class waiting to go up on stage

Hershey's Kiss game

I love her smile in this one. She thought she was hot stuff with the glittery lip gloss on.

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Nancy said...

Our beautiful baby girl is growing up ....way too fast! she made a lovely Jasmine.

gramma butterfly